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As a busy dad of two and editor and web designer, much of my time is gobbled up (in little pieces) by things which aren't related to writing and promotion. However, I plan to attend readings and other events whenever my family schedule allows.


"Tempest Road" coming soon

I'm excited to announce that my fourth novel, a thriller, is due out in September!

Set a few years after the USMNT miraculously wins the FIFA World Cup, "Tempest Road" sees an American striker (soccer) forcibly marched across wild Colombia in order to satisfy an enormous, grisly debt.


"Watching the World Fall" cover re-do

With special thanks to the wonderful, kindhearted bestselling author Gerri Russell, the cover for my first novel, "Watching the World Fall" will be re-done. The new, improved version will be featured at Ms. Russell's PNWA Conference talk on book covers and marketing this summer.

You can check out Ms. Russell's Flirting With Felicity and other award-winning romance novels here.


Markless submitted

I'm not a skilled short-fiction writer. Still, it doesn't hurt to try things now and then. As people have stated this is my top short story, I submitted to the World's Best Short Story contest not too long ago. No word on the results, yet. You can read it here.



Vignette: Leopard Tale

The following was a little story I submitted as part of the Hit Record project. It didn’t win, but it was a fun exercise–to try and craft a tale, in limited time, with six or seven words. Cloud, leopard, teeth, crown, diamond (and one other). Here was my submission:


Idly watching a plane slide across the clouds, George works on a piece of spinach stuck in his teeth. The Thai food was a good pick for lunch. Of course, he didn’t know that, two hours later, he’d be here. Read more...


Tick-Tock (blog)

What scares me is also what drives me.

For anyone troubled by the idea of living a Walter Mitty life, you're not alone. Read the blog post...

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