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It's no secret that writing a novel (for us mortals) is no easy task. Closer to a maelstrom of data and decisions where, sometimes, having too many options (and bits of advice) is as problematic as running out of ideas. It seems as if, for each writer, there are 8,000 wrong ways to tell a story but only one correct way. Which path will best work? Who knows?

Writing a book, then, involves more sweat equity than a reader will ever see in black ink on paper. And many decide on a book's potential worth based on the cover art (which typically wasn't created by the author) and that crucial back-cover blurb (an attempt to condense a 70,000-word story into seven nifty sentences). Yikes!

Nevertheless, I'm happy to present these books as the best I can offer in story, world and conflict.


So take five minutes and have a read!


The war is not going well.

Captain June Vereeth and fellow sharpshooter Prubius are sent on a maddening fool's errand mission, where they find inhospitable conditions and problematic wildlife. Locating a downed freighter atop fogged-in mountains is only part of the problem.

Soon, new allies and secrets and tasks combine to cloud Vereeth's judgment as she nears her own destruction at the hands of the Mitasterites.

Will she have a chance to take the Big Shot? And what will it cost her?

The Novels
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