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Welcome to Varisye

For about 30 years--literally, going back to high school--the fantasy world of Varisye has occupied space in my head. There have been times when our relationship was 'here and there' and times when I'd obsess over details or characters for days on end.

The name has changed a bit, and so have the particulars. However, you'll be able to recognize the various peoples of various size, color and disposition, as well as creatures both fantastical and mundane (no voles or crickets for heroes, sorry) and, of course, every terrain we could find on our beautiful planet--plus a few more. Thus, the creation story of this realm won't register as anything particularly new or noteworthy--even if I think Varisye itself does.

In all this time, though I've devoted countless hours and many thousands of sentences to this place, very little has seen the 'light of day' as it were. Maybe I thought this pet project of mine was silly, or would simply be for my own sandbox wandering. Regardless, in my new writing group, I have finally shared a story from this world, and I'd like to share some stories with you. They are neither perfect nor completely 'done' (a little tinkering is always in order). However, despite the frustration and mountainous doubts I have, they have been fun to work on.

So, read on and (hopefully) enjoy!



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